🚴🎸 Aditya What's your coffee making technique?
🧐 Nrmn I make drip coffee by hand with either a Chemex or Kalita Wave. That means I get speciality coffee beans, grind them myself, heat filtered water to ~90degC, rinse the filter and then slowly pour the water over the ground coffee. First letting it bloom for 30s, then going up to a 15x the water on grams that I used coffee in slow spiral movements. Best coffee ever.
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⌨️ Joseph Is it better than a french press? I've thought about getting a drip coffee maker.
Miso I prefer drip to french press. I think it's mostly because with french press, you can't have the beans ground too think otherwise they pass through the filter. With drip, you can have almost espresso sized coffee. It makes the taste more intense.
🧐 Nrmn I cannot agree with here. The idea is to have the right coarseness for the method. Finely ground coffee is good for espresso or the moccha can. Extremely fine for Turkish Coffee. Rather coarse ground is perfect for slow and fully soaked ways of brewing like the French Press and Drip Coffee. French Press is definitely less effort and faster to make and can also get splendid results. But if you want more fine grained control over the brewing process, drip coffee it is.
🗨🐒 Fui As a non-coffee drinker, while reading your description I had this feeling you were describing your Zen tea ritual where the tea was actually coffee. Nice!
🧐 Nrmn I like the sound of it :D
🚴🎸 Aditya Interesting! I grind beans myself before using a traditional filter from back home. I plan to switch to a french press soon. :D
Diva I've got a French press. It's OK!