🏕️ Autumn How do I report content? Just saw the N word being used as a username. :/
🗜️ Mx Lol. Here comes the thought police. How can any normal 21st century person be okay with illegal words, animals, plants or people?
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🌘 Alana because I'm transgender, and it honestly just fukin wears me down to see slurs thrown around casually. stopped using a forum I liked because one of the users had "tr*nny" in their name. it just sucks, you know? I'll go somewhere else, and then the racists and people who are okay with racists will stay. evaporative cooling, if you will. check out decriminalizenatur... btw.
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🗜️ Mx First off, there is no such thing as "transgender". You can mutilate your body all you want and take all the pharmaceuticals you can, you still won't be able to change your gender. You're just going to look weird and condemn yourself to a lifetime of social agony. Secondly, nobody owes you comfort and happiness. If words offend you, then you're already vulnerable to all forms of communication and you should stay away from people in general - both online and offline alike.
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🔻 Trinity ah, feck off. it's pretty standard scientific consensus that this stuff is valid: health.clevelandcl.... but, yes, the ability to endure slurs is a necessity in order to participate in intellectual conversation. to me it's odd though that something like the n-word is permitted on a seemingly professional site like this :shrug:
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🗜️ Mx Let's not be gullible! Transgenderism doesn't exist in nature. Homosexuality does, but not transgenderism. I think your "scientific consensus" has an underlying agenda.
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🔻 Trinity Humans are, as far as we know, unprecedented. Computers (as we know them) do not exist in nature, yet we can build them. Our brains are pretty complicated compared to most other species. Glitches, like being a woman despite being born as a man, should be expected.
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🗜️ Mx "Glitches" being the keyword here. Everyone is entitled to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. However, people with mental "glitches" should stay out of education. Nobody under 13 should be exposed to anything remotely sexualized, let alone any sexuality with glitches in it.
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🔻 Trinity Since when is transgenderism sexualized? Gender as a social concept is beyond what one's genitals are. If glitches like these are so common, let's think of them as features. The bugfixes are considered torture and it's not compromising any security functions. It's possible to address human sexuality without any form of perversion. Let's tell kids that there are people like them and that they aren't alone if they feel... wrong.
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🗜️ Mx Transgenderism is a mental disorder that exists on a scale so minuscule that it makes no sense to include it in grade school education. Otherwise, we have to include Trekkies, Wiccans, Voodoo practitioners and all types that believe they're somehow different than everyone else.
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🤔 David > we have to include Trekkies, Wiccans, Voodoo practitioners and all types that believe they're somehow different than everyone else || This is a false equivalence and you know it. On top of that, your focus on content being presented as "sexualized" when it's purely informative (how is explaining what transgender means sexual/sensual??) presents a bias in your perspective. Rather than deplore it as a sexual issue or perversion, perhaps present evidence-based claims
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🧿 Andrea Well said!
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