I just created my own VPS and I'm hosting TheLounge and AdGuard Home. Do you self-host? What do you self-host? github.com/awesome...
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I host Nextcloud, GLPI (computer park software), pi-hole, wordpress (my blog) and soon my own mail server
E-mail sounds like a challenge, if it's true what everybody says about it. Maybe write a journal on that so others, myself included, can learn! ;)
I host ZNC, nextcloud, baikal for DAV, a couple of static sites, and soon a pi-hole.
Cool!! TheLounge is an IRC web client that has something similar to an irc bouncer. Really good stuff, check it out if you don't know it. And AdGuard Home is similar to Pi-Hole. I was even able to install WireGuard to be able to use it when on my phone (LTE/4G connection). Proud of myself! :)