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A Raspberry Pi 4 may be a good option. You can keep Raspbian or choose another Linux OS (Arch ARM). Web Server : nginx, Database : Postgresql for Nextcloud,....
while I really love the idea of teh raspberry, I'm not reallly sure if it could handle the load of some 1080p plex playbacks /:
I want a launcher for Android that has the app drawer as home screen and lets me hide certain apps.
maybe you could have a look to KISS Launcher on F-Droid
The upcoming Sony Xperia Compact (140x68.9x8.9mm) seems big to me. Maybe iPhone 13 mini (131.5x64.2x7.4mm) would come with USB-C charging. I really enjoy the size of my XZ1 Compact (129x65x9.3mm).
I started my "smartphone adventure" with a Sony Xperia U, their models are so underrated ! I think this is the latest brand to think of enthusiasts, but MKBHD on YouTube explains that better than me
I would be nice to have text/gemini over http.
Strange that anyone did not created a browser extension to circumvent that, looks like there is a spot to take !
With HN bringing an influx of people I thought this spot might take off. Most people want more than just text, I suppose.
People could just resort to the "old way", using a 3rd party service to host image and link it ! Personally, I really like the text only approach.
how do i force dark mode on subreply?
I think this is not bad luck but a lot of read / write operations (SD cards have a limit). With Nextcloud, Wordpress, Joomla, ... and a mail server, that was not the best option
I really can't stress enough how much valuable information this article contains!
I can't recommend enough to read all of his articles and to follow him on Twitter, he explains very well all the things he do/tinker/debug !
Damned ! Don't use a SD card for a Raspberry Pi especially to build a server, mine break up after 1 year and a half. I'm probably the only one to ignore that :-) Shame on me.
my Raspberry Pi 2 is running my RSS reader (miniflux) from 2019-09-18 without any problem (and some other apps before that) dooes I have good luck or did you have bad luck ?
A bit late but happy new year to everyone!
It's going to be about coffee! But not really about roasting (although I'm doing that by myself as well from time to time). This is about
you hooked me ! I tried to learn more about coffee, since I quite enjoy it but I know the one I'm buying (some Senseo tissue capsule), it's not the worth, but I could be able to get better taste by upgrading my brewing and/or my coffee, but I did not found yet enough information to start
It's going to happen. I just registered the remote roast club! Stay tuned.
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