👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. Just came along obsidian.md it make me want to structure my notes/ideas but I don't really know where and how to start... Maybe it would be a great software to start doing some daily journaling
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Nick I downloaded Obsidian recently, and as a casual Wikipedian, enjoy the idea of [[linking]] more than I like Notion databases. I've always wanted to use one of these knowledgebase apps, but my life simply isn't complex enough to warrant it yet :)
👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. I think I'm in this case for now, I have also to learn how to link more my notes with those brackets links !
Dan I've been using CherryTree for as long as I can remember and I can't get enough of it. I'm sure it's not doing anything unique with the hirearchical style of notes, but it is as basic and advanced as I like my software so it follows me from install to install. All of my worldbuilding/creative writing stuff is just as chaotic as my physical notebook.. so maybe it wont help you organize anything if you're like me and prefer the chaos, but worth checking out either way
😃💬 Javier I tried Evernote and other myriad of tools to organize my data too. No luck so far. Visualizing things in a way that evoke/trigger my memory is tricky. I do my daily journaling with a python console I wrote that stores my musings with the date and current weather temperature on a single text file that gets checked in on a local git repo. It's pretty boring. I should post the python console in Github or something.
🦇 Arr Not F/LOSS, tough?
👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. oh I thought it was ! I may still use the software nevertheless, if I achieve some kind of workflow with it