🍓 Harry Bo Damned ! Don't use a SD card for a Raspberry Pi especially to build a server, mine break up after 1 year and a half. I'm probably the only one to ignore that :-) Shame on me.
👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. my Raspberry Pi 2 is running my RSS reader (miniflux) from 2019-09-18 without any problem (and some other apps before that) dooes I have good luck or did you have bad luck ?
🍓 Harry Bo I think this is not bad luck but a lot of read / write operations (SD cards have a limit). With Nextcloud, Wordpress, Joomla, ... and a mail server, that was not the best option
👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. Indeed it was quite a load !
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🍓 Harry Bo Problem solved : boot on USB drive (HDD) with a disk encryption (luks).