👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. some nice vibe tonight, was cruising in car on some secondary road, so I was accelerating as I exited some village and my music was ramping up with the car and then dropped some basses ! It really felt a nice moment ! (despite the car being a diesel one ) The track : songwhip.com/jkuch...
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Dan Cruising is so zen. I got an electric longboard this week and have been exploring my town at night. Seeing areas I usually have no reason to explore, feeling the wind buffeting my jacket.. I think I might have gotten addicted to it. Your post just reminded me that I haven't been using my mp3 player so now I'm off to make a cruising playlist for tonight!
👨‍💻🎧 Matthieu V. Really happy to have "inspired" you ! I saw some footage of those electric board and looks so nice !
🧐 Nrmn I actually prefer diesel cars because in my opinion they have their power in the right moment which is in the lower rpms.