anyone use mastodon or pleroma or a fediverse equivalent? the more i use Subreply, the more I realize I like Subreply better. probably because the community is so tiny and the posts aren't as low effort as the ones twitter/mastodon seems to encourage.
I'm with you on the point of the small community, it's really pleasant, on the other hand on the fediverse I broke my bubble filter a little bit and I find a lot of talented people in their field or some nice persons (:
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Perhaps this is what I need to do on Mastodon. I guess my issue is just that -- I don't know who the good people are to follow! It's easy enough on Twitter, because everyone has a Twitter, so the people I find interesting are certainly on there (but I don't like the Twitter experience in general, so I avoid it). Hoping eventually has features for logging in and creating a personal feed. :)
I saw something out there to follow Twitter timeline via RSS, this could solve your problematic (: