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Hofstadter walks into a bar, the bartender says "that's strange, didn't I just see you leaving?"
Now I got a book to read. Aren't we all in a big strange loop?
What other online communities are you a part of? What's your favorite thing about that community? created by is gathering steam. People tell their stories (real and fictional) and others respond with anecdotes of their own
Lemmy ( is a promising federated reddit alternative. That's how I found subreply!
and I use the Peach app/social platform. The developers pretty much abandoned it a year after it was released but a small community has remained strong for over 4 years! I love how laid back it is...kind of like Subreply!
"WARNING: These instructions will potentially destroy the server they are run on." Well okay then...
"The trouble is not that the AI can be wrong, it's that we will rely on its answers to make decisions."
Uniqueness is such an interesting post constraint; and I so enjoy systems with considered constraints--after all, why should a baseball double as an egg (or vice versa)? And if you really want to repeat something, nonce up? I might test that hunch. Looking forward to spending some time here.
Yeah, I was annoyed by this at first but perhaps it may end up being another constraint /limitation that we can creatively work around
Uniqueness is now checked for each account. We need to find a balance between creativity, preventing bad content or spam and not being restrictive.