👂 Sly What is your note taking method/workflow ? And what tools do you use ?
🧉 Martin With regards to remembering things, I use Anki. It's old school, but by far still one of the best flash card apps. Flash cards combined with spaced repetition has been shown time and time again to be one of the most effective ways to remember things. I use it mostly for foreign language vocabulary, but sometimes other things I want to ensure stay available in my mind. Not note taking per se, but thought it was worth mentioning.
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🔻 Trinity Anki has been invaluable for my learning Japanese. It gamifies it enough to be rewarding but not enough to become addicting.
🎲🃏 James York I used it only for studying Japanese too (haven't found a use for it outside of that though...)
🐧🐏 Aditya Another Anki japanese learner reporting in! I use the KanjiDamage and 2k core vocab decks. Wbu guys?
👂 Sly Thanks for sharing! Any tips on how to take notes while learning programming? I am having a difficult time finding a method that works, everything is 2 searches and 3 clicks away, it just feels unnecessary most of the time.
🧉 Martin Honestly I've never really done anything special. I think plenty of "doing", i.e. using the thing in some way as apposed to (only) writing about it, helps a lot in cementing the concepts in your head. Having said that, from a purely note-taking perspective I do nothing more clever than write in Notes.app (macOS) following no particular kind of system, I'm afraid. Hopefully there are other pro note-takers who have better advice for better note taking.
🔻 Trinity Even the most skilled programmers use DuckDuckGo constantly. It's unnecessary and sometimes even inefficient to memorize all the commands in a language because there are so many languages most people work in. That being said, when I started to learn to code I wrote down commands I used often - on paper! CLS, CD, ECHO, etc back when I got started on MS-DOS and was using BASIC. Might be a good idea if you still know how to write (I can't really anymore).