🧉 Martin Finally updated my /now page. Anyone else have one? If so, share! :) martinrue.com/now
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James Kirk How's Barcelona?
2y, 43w 1 reply
🧉 Martin Awesome! Almost December and it was 18C today, so really can't complain :)
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2y, 46w reply
🔻 Trinity update 28w later: currently at trinity.moe/#now
··· 2y, 48w reply
🤔 David That's a neat experience you're having! Also, the /now page is a good idea. I may create one now after I finish playing around with a little app
2y, 49w 1 reply
🧉 Martin The idea comes from the awesome Derek Sivers. More info here: nownownow.com/about
2y, 49w reply
💩 Niklas The short story you're sharing on your now page sounds like you're living the dream! :) Glad you can explore new places and learn new languages. Here's my now page, that I actually should update again: niklasbuehler.com/...
2y, 49w 6 replies
🧉 Martin It's definitely a little surreal to be using Esperanto so often :) Glad to find at least one other person here with a /now. Grillradar is a cool idea, and I really like the design.
2y, 49w 5 replies