🧉 Martin Tonight I'm hacking around with some socket programming. Haven't done any low level stuff in ages. So much fun!
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Sergiusz I remember when I had to gather data from Pixel detector implementing TCP/IP on its FPGA. I don't know why, but it was pure pleasure.
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🔻 Trinity Any good resources on it?
🐧 Aditya Beej's guide is usually the goto resource for getting started. I've personally used it, and imo it's very well written. beej.us/guide/bgne...
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🧉 Martin Yeah, +1 for Beej's Guide in terms of a great intro to lots of the mechanics and protocol details. I was doing some NAT traversal stuff, and this was super helpful: bford.info/pub/net...
🤔 David Nice! What're you working on and what language are you using?
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🧉 Martin I was building a custom STUN server in Go (which is great for network coding). STUN is a protocol for traversal of NAT peers in order to try and establish a p2p link between two private hosts. It's part of webRTC, which by writing a crappy version of, I was trying to understand better. It was awesome once I saw my two private hosts become peers via the public internet. UDP hole punching is pretty neat!
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