Chris Gower Hi Sublevel, how are you today?
Martijn I am trying not to flood Sublevel with every single minute thing I discover in Factorio.
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Chris Gower Factorio sounds interesting, do expand :)
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Martijn As Nerd3 described it, it is a game for people who got bored of Minecraft ( In Factorio you can automate almost everything. Sure, you need iron to build a thing, but who wants to go mining every time? Drop a miner on that iron ore, deposit the ore on a belt, bring it over to my furnace, smelt it into plates, belt the plates over to an assembler, use the iron plate. Throw in a little bit of Don't Starve in the form of a technological tree you have to go through resourcing new things. Sprinkle some aliens around that will attack if your factory pollutes the area. Now you have Factorio.
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