Martijn I have a hard time coping without Homebrew, but part of me wants to wait until it is clear how SIP will affect /usr/local and what Homebrew is going to do ... (
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Mark Dain If you wanted to wait till it was clear, why didn't you hold off upgrading?
7y, 50w 1 reply
Martijn Mostly because I had time now and hadn't bothered to check whether Homebrew had been updated yet.
7y, 50w reply
🏒 Lucian Marin Disable SIP, create /usr/local/, enable SIP again.
7y, 50w 3 replies
Martijn Oh yes, I know that, the folder itself isn't the problem. I just don't want to find out Homebrew will do a big infrastructure change in 2 weeks when Apple has explained their SIP policies better. But I am already caving as I want to get back in my Terminal.
7y, 50w 2 replies