Martijn Mom turned the heating on for the first time in months, autumn must have officially started.
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Remixedcat bleh I don't turn on the heat till it hits lower than 35F outside lol
7y, 32w 2 replies
Martijn I am not sure how I would handle that, as a lot of my time is spent sitting still I would get too cold too fast. The warmest it gets outside these days is 14 (57), dropping quickly at the end of the afternoon.
7y, 32w 1 reply
Eric My housemates have stated using the heating, as the guy in charge of the gas bill (sharing the pay though) I'm getting nervous as to how much this'll cost.
7y, 33w 2 replies
Remixedcat I make my housemates bundle up instead... it's cheaper to put clothes on!!!
7y, 32w 1 reply