Happy International Fish Day
That's a thing? Also, why are you a pig on international fish day?
It's a (some)thing that got lost in translation... Intentionally. You say "April Fools", we (in Italian and French, anyway) say "April Fish" - When we were kids, on April 1st we used to hang paper fishes on the back of unaware friends, with some cunningly placed hooks or tape, hence the "poisson d'avril"/"pesce d'aprile" expression. And yes, the pig is a fish (an April Fools joke) I'm afraid ;)
Definitely lost in translation, that. Though it happens a lot. In Dutch we just say "een april" (literally "One April") and stop at that. No special name for the day. So even April Fools is somewhat lost on me.
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Oh, but I guess it allows for lots of plays on words ("Just the one") :)