Martijn Soylent launches version "2.0", now in ready-made bottles. Don't think I like it. Not only did the price increase with ~50C//400kcal, you now have to drink 5 bottles rather than prepare a single pouch. Not that it really matters, it will not start shipping before October and still only available in the U.S. and Canada. Why they do not work on getting the supply chain established boggles my mind.
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Asko Anything with Soy in it, I don't touch.
Martijn The old Soylent didn't include soy at all, it was on a rice and oats basis.
Mark Dain Ready to drink bottles is kinda cool but I've found they go off very very quickly. I made a bottle and left it maybe 24 hours in my bag by mistake, next day it was clearly undrinkable. They haven't added preservatives have they?
Martijn Indeed, I have read the shelf-life of prepared Soylent sucks. But they are actually claiming these bottles to stay fresh for a year, and according to the original inventor's blog you do not need to store it refrigerated either. Will be interesting to see how true that is once they start shipping.