Martijn Command line based music player. Something for you, ?
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🧙 Lucian Marin Why not `mpv --shuffle --gapless-audio /folder-path/*`? You can also add audio filters using `--af-add=bs2b` (binaural sound for a good headphone experience) or save playing state using Shift+Q.
Martijn I never got into the whole mpv-for-audio thing. To be honest, I will probably never leave iTunes.
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Eric Neat, this is nice man. Shame it's only for OS X though :(
Martijn Oh, darn, didn't read carefully enough...
7y, 8w reply
Mark Dain What about just mplayer? That should run on Windows although there's no management of playlists or anything. Shouldn't be hard to whip up batch files or a small Node.js program though
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