Martijn This makes me sad, I have always wanted a full-on encyclopaedia. These kids aren't even sure how to use them.
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Eric Weren't these kids taught how to use an index or even a contents page? Even without this I would have thought using an encyclopaedia is pretty common sense.. Shoot me down if that comes off patronising, but cmon, these books are designed to be self explanatory by nature.
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Martijn To be honest, most of them are younger than me (at 23 y.o.), and even I was thought to use Microsoft Encarta at primary school. I am not sure they actually had big encyclopaedias, I basically know them from my grandparents. However, I would know how to use them. These teens seem to be discovering how it works (i.e. much like a dictionary) during the video, so they are self explanatory, it just takes a while. When Britannica announced they were doing their last run I was extremely tempted to get it, but it was way above my book budget. Now I'll probably never own one.
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John Olinda New sadistic hobby: editing Wikipedia to say ridiculous things right before my students try to use it for an assignment.
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