Martijn On the one hand this was a funny read, on the other hand, I wouldn't be happy to hear someone was live tweeting any of my future first dates.
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John Olinda While in principle I would say what she (the observer) did was bad... That guy was just... Wow.
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Eric Tweeting / FBing mocking comments about strangers is pretty shitty. I don't like having to sit next to barefooted people on air-planes but I don't announce it to the world when I do. Public shaming of people regardless of whether the stranger remains anonymous or not is childish, and the sort of behaviour should have been left in the school playground. This is essentially whispering behind someones back TO THE WHOLE WORLD /rant
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Mark Dain I doubt you'd be this much of a jerk though.
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Martijn Let's hope.
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