Martijn Saw an article titled "Should I buy an Apple Watch for my child?" ... You already bought your child an iPhone!?
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Dorcas The madness has to have its limit sometimes.
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John Olinda Did you see John Gruber's post on the Apple Watch where he imagined this scenario of a couple of high school kids using them? I was like, what kind of fantasy are you living in? I'm sure part of it comes from growing up on a teacher's salary, but it just does not compute that there are parents who are wrestling with whether or not to get their kid a $350 accessory for their $700 phone. OK... I think I'm done my rant... maybe.
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😀 Tom Children do not need smart phones. If the excuse was to stay connected to mom or dad, then a $30 unlocked flip phone will suffice. A smartphone is just a pocket computer, and unless you would let your kid keep a computer with a camera in their bedroom, giving them a smartphone is no different (and maybe worse).
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