Marlow The next big thing is microgames. I'm exaggerating big - it's more like medium, and the games are not so micro as well.
Martijn In tabletop gaming I have heard a lot of people say microgames are the big thing: simpler card games that are easy to pick-up and have relatively short play times.
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Aleks It's true. I'm thinking the next big thing is something between full-blown console/PC games and completely simple time-waster, thumb-tapping mobile games. Simple(r) windowed games - you leave them in the corner, play a bit, stop a bit, and so on. Like card games, solitaire, minesweeper, but more/better. We're going into complete extremes now, VR gaming, competitive-sport/streaming on one hand and Flappy Bird on the other. I want something in the middle - a floating game for the casual.
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Martijn But there is a lot in that middle area already right now! Kingdom of Loathing can be played very passively. A lot of Rogue-likes and Rogue-lites actively promote short games or pause-able turn-by-turn gameplay. Personally I like to take an hour and go discover a new planet in Starbound every once in a while. There is also a slew of handheld games that fit in the middle, a lot of great PSP games come to mind and those are playable on the modern PSVita console.
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