Mark Dain Great productivity hack: turn off notifications for all messaging apps (including SMS). I currently have it set to only display a badge; no notification or sound. Haven't been this productive in ages. I still check my messages now and then but I don't feel pulled away from what I'm doing when I hear my phone go off
Martijn I use the exact opposite system. I have set messaging apps (including SMS) to have a clear and loud signal. Forcing myself to instantly check it, reply if necessary, and then go on with the task at hand. I have found this to work much better for me than to check the screen 'now and then'. I have silenced almost all other notifications though, such as breaking news and Facebook.
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Mark Dain I find if I reply to the messages quickly, more come in and before I know it I'm spending half my time texting and I can't get on with anything else. I'd rather be able to check my phone after I'm done with a task and I have a natural break in my concentration (that isn't forced)
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Martijn I guess it depends on how actively you text. I get very few texts, sometimes none, so whenever they do come in it is best to take care of them quickly.
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