Martijn Google announces updated Google Cardboard. Google still doesn't sell them.
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🧙 Lucian Marin It's like the Google in the old days, building all sorts of things to see what sticks. And they are moving their business from web products to real life products along with it.
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Mark Dain I don't even bother looking up new Google products. They tend to be very low quality or already on the chopping block before they're even released. I don't know why anyone would use Google services other than core stuff like search and email.
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Martijn I like the idea of Google Cardboard - their VR kit if you didn't know - but the fact they are not willing to sell the kits themselves and only put the instructions out there for others is a turn-off. I do not want to have to hunt around for fitting lenses. They have 'certified' some externally sold viewers now, but still, not really 'VR for everyone' like they claim. Does beat the prices of an Oculus Rift with ease...
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