Adam Douglas So I've been given an iPad. I pretty much hate tablets, but propping this thing up as an email terminal is quite liberating. One less window I have to have open. Very expensive for an email terminal but I must say the battery life is actually very impressive. This thing just will not die.
🍫 Lucian Marin I almost bought an iPad last week. But changed my mind since it'll probably get dust just like my iPod classic. Instead I'll look forward to the new iPhones.
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Martijn I have always wanted an iPod classic. But I kept pushing being one away as it was too big an investment for an MP3 player. I was very sad when Apple removed it from their product line-up
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🍫 Lucian Marin It's better that you didn't invest in such thing. The sound quality is awful.
8y, 39w 2 replies
😀 Tom Supposedly the original iPod Shuffle (the flash drive one) had the best sound quality.
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Martijn Not likely I would have noticed that. I use $30 ear buds to listen to 256mbps MP3 files while cycling. For me it was all about using it as the main storage for my music as well as saving my phone's battery by using a dedicated music device.
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