Martijn New speed measures after the interface change: * Main feed: max 1.89, min 0.47, average 0.681, median 0.545. * Activity page: max 2.15, min 0.52, average 0.862, median 0.715. 10 page reload with cache disabled, times from the Page load time extension for Chrome. Suggests Sublevel became just a little slower on my end.
💬 Subreply That's because of the new icons (top) and branding images (bottom). Nobody uses a site with the cache disabled, so the speed is about the same. Actually, the profiles are 25% faster (less counters) with new added indicator (red dot) if the user follows you back.
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Martijn I didn't notice the bottom text were images. Interesting. Any reason for using images rather than text there? Especially for something like the "forward" link? In reality the speed changes were so minute that it doesn't matter, especially with caching enabled. Just thought I'd redo the tests you asked us for previously
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