Martijn On the lookout again for web hosting, just missing too many configuration options at Binero for where I am as a web developer. No cron jobs, no configurable SSL certs, no longer acceptable imho.
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🧙 Lucian Marin You can try DigitalOcean for an entire month for $5. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 and it's very stable. I like the fact that I can map the exact the same setup from my Mac on Ubuntu server. Most of the times all I have to do is a `git pull` and that's it.
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Adam Douglas +1 for DigitalOcean for same reasons given.
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Mark Dain Depends what you mean by web hosting? Nothing beats a quality VPS in my opinion. If you're going down that route, Linode is amazing
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Martijn My only problem with VPS is that most I have seen cost more than what I am currently using on top of forcing me to learn how to manage email servers. I rather have my hosting provider sort that out.
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