Martijn If anyone has more Windows administrating skills than me (@jackivan88?), let me know:
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🏒 Lucian Marin You can turn compatibility mode off.
8y, 31w 1 reply
Martijn Nope, it only turns off compatibility mode for things on Microsoft's or your browser's list. Picasa sets the X-UA-Compatible header, which can apparently not be ignored.
8y, 31w reply
Mark Dain I really love how the solution is to just install Firefox or Chrome. It'll fix all IE related bugs. I don't think there's any reason not to? Set it as default and uninstall IE and they won't be juggling browsers
8y, 31w 1 reply
Martijn Oh, I always recommend people to switch away from IE. That doesn't mean I will not try to accommodate them if IE happens to be their preferred browser. It just feels weird that the end-user gets no control over their browser here, there must be a way to overwrite this locally, right?
8y, 31w reply
John Olinda I will check this out when I am working on our school machines tomorrow morning (sorry for the time-zone delay!), but my initial response is: remove IE. However, I will endeavor to find a more diplomatic solution
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Martijn No hurries, just wondering if someone with more Windows exposure knew the answer!
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