Martijn , if you are interested in VPNs for privacy TorrentFreak just published their yearly round-up:
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Mark Dain Thanks, I may look into this although my general strategy is to host a server at my house that runs crons and hosts all my data (personal cloud), I'd VPN into my house to get that when I'm out so I never thought too much about VPNing out of my house. Should I tunnel all outbound traffic through the VPN?
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Martijn You could use your home server as a VPN, if the communication to it is encrypted you get all the security advantages of any VPN: public WiFi cannot be used to eavesdrop on you, etc. Of course it means all your browsing shows the same IP at all times (your home IP) so can be used to identify you, and that's where an external service would come in. It all depends on the threat level you are working against.
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😀 Tom I'm interested in perhaps using one to anonymize myself from tracking/profiling companies. After using add-ons like NoScript, RequestPolicy, Cookie Monster, RefControl, and UAControl, do you think using an anonymized VPN would add much more privacy?
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Martijn A VPN keeps your IP from showing, something no client-side add-on can do for you, so it will definitely give you more privacy. Also: UAControl probably doesn't add any privacy, and may even make your browser fingerprint more unique in Panopticlick-like situations. For a discussion on spoofing versus fingerprinting see
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