Adam Douglas There's just no such thing as a good movie any more. It's either cliche, avant-garde to the point of absurdity or a remake/"reimagining"--just because you can do something does not make mandatory the immediate doing of it. I would like to see a movie with a good story, without computer graphics or excessive post-production, that doesn't feature naked women or gratuitous sex scenes or explosions or drugs or psychiatric problems or twists for the sake of twists, nothing edgy at all. Just a fine movie.
Martijn Did you watch the same thing I did today?
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Adam Douglas Alas, I did not. But I have added that to my watch later list. No I was referring to such films as Mr. Turner (go to cinema expecting a pleasant movie about art, instead it's about a grunting pig of a man sodomising his housekeeper) and ExMachina (robots have to be naked women) and these are the only two movies I even bothered to see because everything else was either some kind of cliche comic adaptation or an empty movie about love or CGI battles. Though perhaps I exaggerrate: Nightcrawler was pretty good.
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🐞 Lucian Marin I'm sorry to disappoint you, but artists are that way in real life. I didn't saw Mr. Turner, but most artists think there's "no gain without pain" or use pain as an inspiration for the art they create. The problem is that you can't please kids today with movies from 80s or 90s, they are too boring for them. You have to wait ten minutes for something to happen. There's a reason I can't watch movies made in the 50s or 60s, they are too boring for me.
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