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Mark Dain I'm vaguely aware of GPG but I should learn it (properly). Can you point me in the direction of a guide on how to use GPG2? Also, from the command line would be nice as MacGPG seems to now cost money and I'd rather donate to GPG themselves. Also, is your email on your website?
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Martijn I am still using MacGPG, I just find it easy to install and as of yet they are still free. Also: it is GPGMail they want to charge for, an unnecessary addition to the suite. A good guide I bumped into recently is this one: notes.jerzygangi.c.... Interestingly that guide even recommends against installing GPGMail and sticking with the other tools. I have also stopped using GPGMail as it uses some attachment-based system that is not supported by K-9 on my phone.
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🏒 Lucian Marin What can I do with it?
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Mark Dain Send him encrypted messages!
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Martijn You can download my public key from several key servers / my own host, and then verify you got the real key (not being MITM'd) by matching it with the fingerprint I provided. In reality you should verify the fingerprint in person or over some other trusted side-channel, but just having my fingerprint all over the web means it would be hard for a third-party to fake them all.
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