Martijn Sometimes I spot grammatical or spelling errors in my Sublevel replies and want to fix them. But Sublevel prevents this, probably to prevent abuse. MetaFilter countered this with a time-based edit. For the first n minutes I am allowed to make changes before a reply is locked. But what if I spot it only the next day? Could a system allow changes but limit the severity of a change? I would be able to fix that misspelled word, but not take out a whole sentence. Maybe a Levenshtein distance based check?
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Eric Why not a simple [edited] link which displays revisions of the item?
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Martijn Personally I never liked those. I like the fact that you aren't allowed to keep changing things, this is especially important in discussions. Sublevel has no retroactively changing what you say, you either leave it all there or remove it and all reactions to it. I would just like the ability to change spelling mistakes.
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