Martijn Did anyone buy the new Charlie Hebdo? I was tempted, but in reality, getting a paper in a language I can't read is no help to freedom of press and expression.
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Mark Dain I heard sales went through the roof so you wouldn't be the only one buying a copy to support freedom of speech (or to "stick it to the terrorists"). Same effect The Interview had.
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Martijn Oh yeah, I first heard they were going to double their print but last numbers are more like quintupled. But I feel like putting the same money towards the EFF or an organisation specialised more in press freedom would have a greater effect. Buying a single issue of a small french satirical newspaper does not feel like contributing to anything.
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Eric I've got a copy of a Norwegian paper where every page is reporting on the attacks by breivik, I'm holding it for a friend who speaks the language. Morbid but an event in history captured, I don't enjoy holding the item but I do for times sake. I can't speak or read that language either.
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Mark Myerson Aren't they producing a special English-language version? But no, I haven't...quite glad that many are, though.
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