Martijn Writing New Year's resolution/goals down in an OPML file. It feels like the right document format. Then I'll just need to find a good way to display it online.
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Mark Dain What about Markdown? I wrote mine in that, it's good for lightweight documents.
7y, 48w 1 reply
Martijn I like the "parsability" that comes with an XML syntax like OPML. Markdown doesn't feel like the perfect format for something like resolutions that will be mostly an annotated nested list.
7y, 48w reply
John Olinda has a decent publishing feature. Just import the OPML and then go to the menu and select "View in Reader." Very basic, but it gets the job done.
7y, 48w 4 replies
Martijn True, but I will be self-hosting. I am looking into XSLT, though I have to admit I never used it before.
7y, 48w 3 replies