Martijn I just read an article on internet bullying and now I am wondering if should include a 'block' function. While I can remove any comments made to my posts I cannot stop them from happening in the first place, neither can I keep people from mentioning me and flooding my 'Activity' stream. I have never been the target of bullying in my life, but it seems this is a growing concern for social networks and should not be ignored.
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💬 Subreply The option to block other people from replying, liking, following was there from the beginning.
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Martijn I have no idea how I missed that. I think I expected it closer to the following option than to the RSS link.
8y, 42w reply
Eric It does have a block function, check my profile and the link is there, basic text format- not a button.
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John Olinda Oh, cool! I haven't felt the need for this but I'm sure as Sublevel grows there might eventually be people I'd feel compelled to use this with.
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Martijn I feel silly for missing it, on the other hand, I don't think I will be alone in that. Expected it closer to the follow button than inline without indicators near the RSS link.
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