John Olinda Hmmm... well uninstalled Homebrew to check out Yosemite, the visual changes are surprising to say the least.
Martijn I'm still on the fence. Is it worth the update? I am way too dependent on Mail and Calendar for Yosemite to mess them up.
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Mark Dain Little Snitch has had quite a few updates but I think it's worth waiting for 10.10.1 although if you take a Time Machine backup, you can restore from that.
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John Olinda Well, they seem to work fine except for two things. 1) The default mail handler somehow got changed to iTerm (what?) and 2) GPGMail isn't Yosemite compatible.
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Martijn Ah, I hadn't checked GPGTools yet. That might be a deal-breaker at least until they launch their beta.
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