🙄 Doug Belshaw So this kind of pisses me off: dajbelshaw.withkno.... I know why BT do it (pressure from UK government) and I know why parents lap it up (lack of knowledge and doing something seems better than doing nothing) but encouraging people to install filtering to solve social issues seems misguided.
Eric I remember the filter we had at school, it was ruthless and extremely difficult to get round &when you did the IT dep (credit to them!) closed the loophole faster than you could exploit it. It used to block Google Image searches of the phrase "clocks".
Martijn On the subject of crazy filters: my municipality has one filter for everything, from schools to healthcare. This meant care providers at the youth health services couldn't look up information on sex. A core part of their business.
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🙄 Doug Belshaw Blanket filtering FTL. :-(
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