Martijn You won't find me on Mastodon any time soon, as I have given up my believe in OStatus. I would love to be proven wrong, but until I am I will stick to the ideas of as those are closer to how I think the 'net should interconnect.
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Charlie What issues do you find with ostatus?
5y, 23w 3 replies
Martijn I never understood why ActivityStreams would be good for websites to have, when AS isn't conveyed in HTML. I write a lot of the HTML on my blog by hand (so I can fuss over every little semantic detail of a blockquote) and it is just way easier to throw in some microformats that make the feed parsable then to make sure some secondary JSON/ATOM format comes into existence.
5y, 23w 2 replies
Paul Webb Oh wow, I've heard of this but never checked it out. Huh, looks awesome.
5y, 23w reply
John Olinda I'd like to rebuild my blog around IndieWeb when I have some down time. I love being able to post from mobile though, so it'll have to stay compatible with WordPress or something similar. I'm considering changing my VPS host, so if I do that'll be an ideal time to rebuild around IndieWeb.
5y, 23w reply
Kodo indieweb makes you run your own site/domain and I am entirely toooo lazy for that :P
5y, 23w 8 replies
Mark Dain Is it possible to still use IndieWeb with a subdomain? So you could have where that's a free resource for doing IndieWeb status and auth?
5y, 23w 7 replies