Martijn Lovely, iOS 10.2 will not accept my settings for the Archive Mailbox for my Gmail account either. Looks like I am going to need a third party email client.
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Mark Dain Learn to love the delete button :) so there's some guides online that say you can restore it in the mail settings ... but the icon doesn't change and I don't know if it's now archiving or not. If you're willing to try deleting some test emails change this: Settings > Mail > Accounts > (your account) > IMAP Account > Advanced > Move discarded messages into: Archive Mailbox. If they go to archive instead then I guess the archive icon is gone but the functionality is still there ... sort of?
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Martijn Yeah, but that suggests I will need to chose between archiving and deleting. And I use both. I move stuff I need to save into my archive, and delete everything else. That clears up my Inbox. I was able to change the swipe actions to offer me both archiving and removal so that is semi-fixed.
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☕ David Antoine That one maybe ? Seems nice and it's free... Or Airmail, that one is not free...
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Martijn I don't know about Airmail, but Spark was recommended against because they store your email credentials on their servers. I need a solid IMAP client on my iPad that does everything, I don't want to outsource my email.
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