Martijn I just spotted a mosquito in my room. A mosquito. Just last week I was cycling to work at -7, there should not be any them left to be spotted in my room.
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Mark Dain Perhaps I need to readjust my world view; I thought mosquitoes needed warm climates? If they can survive in the Netherlands below freezing, they can also survive here.
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Martijn I don't really know what to think either...
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John Olinda We get them the worst this time of year. They breed in the sewers and fly up through the drain pipes since there are no traps in the pipes.
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Mark Dain "They beeed in the sewers". Eww wtf. Maybe it's possible to put bleach down the drains every now and then? My mom told me to do that when I had an infestation of fruit flies. When I was washing up and finished with the flow of water, a bunch of them came out of the sink.
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