Martijn I am pleasantly surprised by the many options on this TP-Link mini-router. Just set-up a TL-MR3020 to supply my wireless in the new place.
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Mark Dain How is it for you? I've had nothing but trouble with my TP-Link routers. I wonder if the newer firmware / models has improved anything.
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Martijn The last few months I have been on a TL-WR841N without any real issues. Though the previous occupant of this studio used to have problems with it. I tweaked the security though to not broadcast the SSID and added a MAC filter, which may or may not be keeping externals out. Received the TL-MR3020 today to provide me with a network during the next 2 months, 'til I can return to the studio I am currently living at. Mostly bought it because it can easily be turned into a when I am done with it. Didn't have any problems the ~2 hours I was using it though.
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