Martijn Booked my tickets and hotel and will be attending IndieWebCamp Brighton in September!
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Mark Dain Awesome! Would be cool to meet up one day. Any reason you went for a hotel and not AirBnB?
7y, 12w 4 replies
Martijn Did not seem that much cheaper to go AirBnB (Brighton is not a cheap place, apparently) and this way I get breakfast an house keeping included.
7y, 12w reply
🏒 Lucian Marin Does it make sense to pick AirBnB for short stays? I will only look at AirBnB for medium stays (one, two weeks most) and for longer periods I'll just rent a place. Now the medium stays are the most uncommon. That's why don't see what's all the fuss with AirBnB.
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