Martijn Anyone know a good photo managing app for Mac OS X? I was using Apple's Photos but it decided to "corrupt" their own library file. Essentially I need an application that I can point to a directory full of pictures and that then lets me manage metadata/titles/notes with those pictures.
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🧙 Lucian Marin I used Lyn ( from time to time, but most of the times I use Finder and Xee. I group my photos in albums. An album is an entire photo shoot from a day or couple of days. I create a folder like "2016-07-25 Weekend in the park" for each album. This way my photos are sorted and organized at the same time. Lately I switched to Google Photos for the pictures I take with my iPhone.
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Martijn I'll take a look at Lyn. I have been considering Google Photos. Finder and Xee don't cut it because of the lack of metadata options. I want to write text, tag it with names of people, store locations, that sort of thing.
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