Martijn I tried to use a face palm emoji () in a Facebook comment, and it was stripped. I wonder what Sublevel will do.
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🧙 Lucian Marin Microsoft Edge 38 (IE 14) renders it as an upset guy with a palm on his head.
6y, 8w 1 reply
Martijn That would make Edge one of the first browsers we have found to actually render it. Well done Microsoft!
6y, 8w reply
Mark Dain Seems to preserve it but I just see () in Mobile Safari. I'm guessing Unicode 9 emoji will land in iOS 10 / macOS Sierra. Not sure about Windows & Android; I presume they'll get an update later this year to add support.
Martijn Yeah. It seems to be preserved. According to Emojipedia the Android design is already there, maybe it just hasn't landed in any actual release yet. There shouldn't be any reason for any website to proactively strip unicode code points IMHO. I want my texts to be future ready and silently get updated with obscure emoji! Hahaha!
😀 Tom In Android, I just see a solid black square between the parentheses.
6y, 9w 1 reply
Adam Douglas iOS10 reporting in. I see no emoji.