Martijn Is the API readonly now? Or did the documentation just disappear?
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🧙 Lucian Marin The API was always experimental. Sublevel didn't have an API to begin with. I don't want to work to build an API company. I played around with Tastypie and now with REST Framework. I'm not happy with either of them. I will probably just write a few custom endpoints to publish things and to retrieve content. This new API will need tokens so you don't have to submit your credentials.
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Martijn Very happy about the last part! Looking forward to seeing something solid. Really I don't need more than a posting endpoint to hook things up.
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Mark Dain Tokens (OAuth?) would be really sweet! Thank you for working on that. Ideally I just want some way to send notifications to my phone when there's a post on Sublevel. I love this community and I want to keep partaking but it's undeniably easier to use Twitter and Facebook due to constant notifications pulling you back in.
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Mark Dain It irritates me how often Sublevel is randomly changed. Like the other day for a few hours it showed everyone's handle above a post in bold gray text. It would be nice if experiments were done locally / on a subdomain and if big changes like changes to the API were versioned and archived ideally with notice and a blog post announcement. Transparency is important. I've always been worried my stuff could break if it depended on Sublevel in any way.
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Seth Kontny Yes y is this
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