Martijn I am extremely tempted to buy a Chrome Cast. Less than a week since leaving home and that is the thing I am missing the most?!
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Chris Gower I bought a 1st Gen Chrome Cast. Great for Youtube, Netflix, Spotify
6y, 31w 2 replies
Martijn Yep. Twitch works well too!
6y, 30w reply
John Olinda I've loved having one in the classroom. Makes presentations much easier. Just wish my projector had better speakers or an audio out.
6y, 30w reply
Mark Dain What did you like about it? I've never used one so I know very little about it
6y, 31w 1 reply
Martijn Just how overall easy it was to get on-demand video going on a TV from just my phone. Whenever I am sitting around with a TV close by, and down time, why not just turn on some YouTube clip or start on a Netflix series?
6y, 31w reply