Martijn I feel dirty for using Bootstrap to whip up a quick website for a local restaurant to show their menu ...
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Adam Douglas Don't feel bad. I used to be critical of Bootstrap, but after recently doing maintenance for some rather insanely fucked-up Joomla websites making 50+ requests to dozens of stylesheets and JavaScript plugins, I think Bootstrap made a positive contribution to web development. Sure, if you know what you're doing, Bootstrap is nothing but overhead, but you can remove the bits you don't use if you compile your own version.
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Khll Still better than using Wordpress.
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😀 Tom "Don't let perfect be the enemy of done." I'm sure what they have now is better than what they had (or didn't have) before. And God bless you that it's not a flash template like so many food establishments have, that is if they even have a website at all!
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