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It will soon be the last day of July, and while I'm looking forward to a new month, it is also quite clear that we're in the same old nightmare: Covid-19 has not gone away and it looks like the second wave of the pandemic is on its way.
My instinct about covid is to think 'oh, i'll be fine', which I have to actively fight. For example, I was really hoping to fly to go to a wedding this weekend, but I had to talk myself into understanding that "no mangoman, you don't know that it will just be 'ok'". I finally cancelled, even though I had friends who are flying.
Yeah, it is definitely a big issue. Also, wealthy people would try to find ways to either hide their wealth or invest it in some form of tax exemption. Things like art, bitcoin, or send it abroad. Your comment made me think of this scene from futurama: youtu.be/K_LvRPX0rGY
I am very much in favor of UBI and I am confident it will be adopted in the future. My one fear is it will not be implemented with a strong wealth tax system in place. UBI would still work, but would have the unintended consequence of separating even further the capital owners from the renters / consumers. If we don't like how much influence the 1% have in politics today, imagine if they were 1000x wealthier. Under those optics, UBI is a poweful anti-revolution tool.
Agreed, I wonder how do you politically accomplish a wealth tax? at some point, the wealthy would rather pay off a few individuals a lot of money to sabotage it (or even just pay a ton of money in disinformation ads) than for it to ever pass. The poor are not united against the wealth of the 1%. You need a much larger portion of the population supporting making billionaires give up their wealth. everyone thinks they could be a billionaire though :/
Such a shame about the FB aspect.
I like the focus on mobile and mobile creation, but the FB is a non starter. clicking on the privacy policy takes you directly to FB's which basically means no privacy
Who has any thoughts on the Twitter hack?
oh man, I think it's probably the biggest hack in a long time. I wonder if it has to do with their new API being released soon. someone on HN speculated that it was because they were deprecating the old API which may have had the vulnerability.
What browser is everyone using these days? Anyone on Microsoft Edge?
Firefox for privacy reasons as others have said