🏒 Lucian Marin The upcoming Sony Xperia Compact (140x68.9x8.9mm) seems big to me. Maybe iPhone 13 mini (131.5x64.2x7.4mm) would come with USB-C charging. I really enjoy the size of my XZ1 Compact (129x65x9.3mm).
🏀 Pr I had to switch to the new iphone mini just because it was the only updated small phone out there. I loved my xperia compact (had the z5c, and the x compact), but they were getting old. finally i switched to the iphone SE 1st gen for a year or so and now i'm on the mini. I hope the mini will start a new trend of small android devices again
🐓 Mega Not trying to sound rude or anything, but why do you, personally, like smaller phones? Is it the portability, convenience, or just preference? I personally am fine with phones that are a bit bigger because of my hand size lol
🏀 Pr haha I get that question a ton. my thumb does not reach very far across my hand - when I signal a '4', my thumb barely reaches the gap between my pinky and ring finger. This means for larger phones I can't reach the top left of the screen without maneuvering the phone in a way that increases the likelihood of me dropping my phone 😕
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