M_dow Zettelkasten and Bullet Journals are my two favorite productivity tools. A++ highly recommended.
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👨‍🎓 Edward But how do I migrate all my notes usefully? What if something else comes up in a few months and I want to switch again? Really liking notion.so right now, but not feeling good about using something thats not super low tech
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M_dow Oh, I'm doing the most low-tech version possible: paper 5x8 cards. I like the tactility (is that a word?) of the cards, and also that pen and paper are very Lindy.
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Kevin Lin for note taking, I would recommend dendron.so - its a local-first roam like open source markdown note taking app built on top of vscode (disclaimer: author here). we just launched our preview a week ago and are making updates on a daily basis
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🤔 David So what led you to creating dendron? I understand the idea behind incorporating hierarchy in the note-taking process, but was that the primary motivator for creating it?
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That Man Congrats on your launch. How is this going to differ from what Obsidian does? And what does this do better than other non linear note taking apps?
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🗨️ Fui Thanks for the recommendation. I've been using code-oss (VSCode) for my note taking needs, so I'm very interested in trying your app.
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🤔 David What's your experience with Zettelkasten? I read about it on HN but haven't taken any time to test it out
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🤙 Migz Zet takes a little bit of time to get the hang of, especially when you are just starting with your first notes. Finding the links between them is the main appeal of this method, but requires more thought processing.
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M_dow I'm writing a dissertation in the humanities (the political teaching of Dante's "Divine Comedy"). I'm still relatively early in the writing process. I'm using physical cards, not a digital system, because I find it easier to avoid distractions (and it's more portable for the moment).
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